Project Overview

Creating an e-commerce store for people to browse and purchase modern home furniture like living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining furniture. It offers the possibility for purchasing family-type furniture and different type of home furniture as well as proving home delivery and the ability to select a price range and different types of colors, materials, and shapes.

My Role

  • Project: E-commerce
  • Role: UX Research, UX Designer, Visual Designer
  • Tool: Adobe XD
  • Duration: July 2021(4 Weeks)


After identifying the goal of the e-commerce store design, user research was carried out to identify the primary target users, their motivation, goals and frustration. This information helped in creating features and solutions for the final design concept. Just before starting the project, here are some few thing I considered:

Competitors analysis

To start off the design process I did a competitor analysis to find out the criteria that are important for people when they are looking for home furniture. Also, to see how E-commerce website design can help them with finding their perfect home furniture. In this case, Habitat and Amazon were the two competitors I used in analyzing the criteria. The two sites have different landing pages, and both provide delivery options, and suggest inspirational ideas to users, this helps people to be able to find the proper furniture for their homes. Both Habibat and Amazon allow users to search through the products, this gives people the chance to find what they are looking for easily.

Who are the competitors?
1. Habibat.
2. Amazon.

Below are the images from the competitive analysis.

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User persona & User flow

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The low-fidelity design

After sketching out the design, low fidelity was designed.

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Final high-fidelity design

For this design, the focus was on designing the home page, category page (living room), single product page, and contact page. This section shows the design from accessing the home page, clicking the product category page (Living Room), to accessing the single product page. For the home page, the design includes four product category pages (living room, bedroom. kitchen & dining) for easy accessibility. On the home page, the hero section includes a slider to showcase the different types of furniture. In addition, new collections, inspirational ideas, and a clearance deal section are included on the page. Detailed development is shown below.

Living room sofa and single product page

Mobile design

The idea was to keep it simple and provide both the desktop and mobile version for the user as these are the devices the user mostly use based on the user research done for this project.

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Takeaways & Future use cas

Working on this project was an exciting experience that allowed me to exercise my skills working on an e-commerce project for both mobile and desktop views. I got to do secondary user research which helped me improve my skills in user research. The main functionality (easy furniture purchase) was the primary focus for this design phase which was successfully implemented. In the future, with continued iterations and user research, I would like to extend the user target, and how might this platform be useful to different family types like single families, families with children, or individuals seeking easy access to such furnitures.