About Sak Engineering Ltd

S.A Kadiri Engineering Works Ltd is an engineering company based in Nigeria with over 35years+ of experience. The company is focused on contributing towards the development and growth of The socio-economic sector of the Nation. Highly versatile in both civil and mechanical works.

My Role

  • Project: Sak Engineering
  • Role: Web Designer
  • Duration: Aug -Sep 2021(2 Months)

Project Process Description

For this project, the company already had an idea of what they wanted and the exact feel they wanted their customers to have when accessing the site. The main objective of this project was to create an online presence for Sak Engineering Works Ltd where the works the company focuses on can be displayed. The major feature they also requested aside from showcasing their work was, to also include the company’s location and an easy way for prospective customers to contact them as this was previously a challenge.

With this in mind, I was able to do the respective research in this area alongside the provided ideas from the client by thoroughly analyzing their competitors and coming up with something unique for this field.

To create the final design, I used WordPress, and Elementor as the core design plugins.
I was also responsible for managing the entire hosting process and making sure the site is up and running.

Project Timeline

2 Weeks – Research, Interview
8 Weeks – Designing, Testing, Feedback (Iterative)